Mephisto’s Story Time - Cinderella, the way it really happened.



Once upon a time, somewhere far away from the grand Nippon … there lived an old woman. Her soul was sturdy and worn out from all of the hard work she did.

The silver-haired granny didn’t have much to live for anymore — all she cared for was her granddaughter. So one night, her prayers were so desperate that it called forth a certain flamboyant demon. He agreed to take care of the granddaughter for her after she dies.


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insectorum-interfectorem answered:

Something my muse shouts during sex.

"M-more~" which is what he’d moan if he’s submissive that night, he ah, begs. He tends to be loud? XD




Mephy likes.

//You have full permission to…ahem….’make him sing’ ~ XD?

((soon my pretty. is our RP done, and are we gonna go that AU?

((I think it is yes? They stay together and have a wonderful family~ ehehehe and if you want to do that AU we can!

cosmicmelodymagic asked:

"Daddy!" Arachny said hugging her father's led, "I think there is something in my closet! There was rustling noises coming from there!"

He sighs, “Darling what have I told you? The bed bugs aren’t going to come eat you…” Beelzebub chuckles assuming it was another one of his children wanting to play.